What We Do

Forward-thinking and growing companies who need a software development partner rely on East Five to apply

proven project management and software development skills to propel their business forward. Our proven record 

in the inception of several start-up companies, as well as in improving the process flow of our clients.

We provide software consulting and development for enterprise, cloud-based systems with web and mobile interfaces. We specialize in translating business needs into growing technical, software-based businesses.


Who We Are

In 2015, the partners of East Five determined to provide the Nashville area with a software group who understood both software development and the challenges faced by growing businesses. East Five was formed with business expansion in mind and we apply this mindset to every project with which we are involved.

Since that time, we have grown into a company with active projects in a variety of industries, including healthcare, medical research, business-to-business, music, real estate, process automation, and heavy industry.

We are passionate about bridging the gap between business and technology, translating business requirements into targeted software solutions that answer the needs of our client’s industries to further their growth.


Custom Software Project Management and Development

Man Hands On Keyboard

You have an incredible business plan that will require a sizable investment in software development, but you wonder, should you develop a software shop in house?  Do you take on the overhead of an entire team of developers?  Put us in the driver's seat and you will find that our experience in software project development will get your project to the finish line faster.

Competitive Advantage

Image by Felix Mittermeier

How can you stay ahead of your competition when they are constantly at your heels?  You can be assured that someone in your field will use technology to disrupt and excel.  Let us show you the road-less-traveled to take you places never seen before in your industry.

Project Recovery

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Are you experiencing budget overruns with your current team or vendor?  Does the project never seem to be finished?  We have the experience to turn your project around and set your company back on the path to success.


Let's talk about how we can bring our expertise to bear in making software a differentiator for your business