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No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your iOS app, East Five can help. 

East Five are specialists in the iOS platform and can take you from idea to development to AppStore submission and growth. App development can be overwhelming, with lots of decisions to make. We can guide you through the process, helping you focus on what’s essential to your project. 

Technologies and approaches change rapidly. At East Five, we love new technologies, but we also appreciate proven approaches. We believe that user experience is paramount and that technical decisions should always be made with the end user in mind.

Most importantly, we are passionate about iOS apps and know you are passionate about your project. East Five wants to share the excitement of bringing your dream to life and will always keep you informed and engaged.

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Already have an app?

Once you are in the AppStore, the work is not done. New features and technologies can keep your user base engaged and growing, and an assessment of your app’s user experience can unlock hidden potential. East Five can be that ‘fresh set of eyes’ that puts and keeps your project on the right trajectory.

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Have an app idea?

East Five can help you think through your idea and see where it fits on the iOS platform. We can then design an incremental development plan that answers key questions about your idea as early as possible. With this approach, vetting an app idea can be surprisingly cost-effective.

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Want to expand to iOS?

If you already have a backend providing data to other platforms, adding an iOS app to the mix can be a great option. East Five has vast experience interacting with backend systems - including REST, GraphQL, and Firebase APIs - and can craft a native iOS experience that expands your reach.

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Who We Are

Founded in Nashville in 2015, East Five is determined to be a technology group that understands both software development and the challenges faced by growing businesses. Since that time, the partners of East Five have applied their diverse backgrounds and perspectives to projects in a variety of industries, including healthcare, medical research, business-to-business, music, real estate, process automation, and heavy industry. iOS development has always been an important part of what we do and East Five is excited to bring our experience and commonsense approach to clients of every size and budget.

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Contact East Five

Let’s talk about how East Five can partner with you to turn your iOS app goals into reality.

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