Microsoft has provided a great amount of tooling for access to and modification of resources on their Azure platform. There is the Azure Portal and there is also a comprehensive set of cmdlets for Azure Powershell. The Azure CLI is yet another way to script changes to your Azure resources.

There comes a time, though, when you need tooling to modify Azure resources in a specific way. This has led to the creation of the BlackBarLabs.Tools.Azure library.

Currently, the library contains a single tool, the AzureTableAndBlobCopier. This tool is a wrapper around some great work by Alexandre Brisebois. With this tool, you can specify a source and target Azure Storage account and the tool will copy the tables and blobs from source to target. This is a great tool to use when moving data from, say, a staging environment to a user acceptance testing environment.

To use the tool, pull the code, update the app.config to have the connection string for your source and target storage accounts, then run the exe. That’s all there is to it.

Take a look at the library, enjoy, and extend!